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Online financial training
and development service.
Available 24/7

Our complete online financial training courses and individual training modules make it possible for starters to financial experts to learn at their own pace to become and stay the best in their field. Increase knowledge and upgrade skills for individuals and companies. More about Sherpazz

Sherpazz online financial training

Training Courses

All courses are focused on value-for-money, top quality and are output-driven. They are geared towards meeting your desired performance improvement from graduate level to senior management. The courses cover a variety of topics ranging from advanced financial subjects to personal development skills.


Get schooled by our in depth videos from our professional trainers on all different kind of financial topics from basic to expert level.

Online Meetings / Webinars

Through our webinars, Sherpazz provides information and answers to viewer questions on a variety of financial, banking and trading topics.

Interactive Presentations

Our presentation modules are based on three pillars: learning by reading (slides), by being told (narration by a teacher) and evaluation of what has been learned (by questionnares). Together this is the ideal manner to upgrade your knowledge and skills.

Financial Simulations

A full day of trading is simulated within a couple of hours. The simulation is a virtual dealing room which represents the trading desk of a trader, through which the participant has access to news, phone lines and graphs of the traded security.


Our assessments are intended to measure your knowledge, skills, aptitude and classification in the topics you have been trained in.

Roy Kramer

Program director, Nyenrode University

Our students all learn differently which makes deployment of new training tools necessary. Sherpazz offers these new tools.

Menno Haesen

MD, Oxyor

We have chosen Sherpazz as our key provider of a unique and innovative method of practical online financial training, coaching and mentoring.

Jayendran Naidoo

Head of Trading, Nedbank

The Traders Academy program is an excellent way to develop and identify graduates who can join the trading desks immediately. The participants obtain excellent on-the-job trading skills for a variety of asset classes.